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Earnings Exemption - Budget 2019

The GIS earnings exemption currently allows low-income seniors and their spouses to each earn up to $3,500 per year in employment income without triggering a reduction in GIS benefits. Budget 2019 proposed to enhance this exemption beginning with July 2020 benefit payments.

The enhancement would extend eligibility for the earnings exemption to self-employment income. Also, it would increase the exemption to the first $5,000 per year of employment or self employment income for each of the GIS recipient and their spouse, from the present amount of $3,500. In addition, it would introduce a partial exemption of 50% for the next $10,000 of employment or self employment income,

In other words, the first $5,000 of employment or self employment income will be fully excluded from income for the GIS purposes, and only half of the next $10,000 will be included.

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